ALROSA and CEO Support Local Communities in Diamond Mining Region of Yakutia During Global Pandemic

Originally posted: April 15, 2020 on Alrosa and Support Your Local Jeweler.

Russian diamond mining company ALROSA and ALROSA’s CEO, Sergey Ivanov, have come together to help fund the fight against the coronavirus in Yakutia, where the mines and main operations are located. Ivanov personally sold half his stake in ALROSA saying:

              Sergey Ivanov, CEO of ALROSA

“…all the money earned from the sale will be directed to purchase pharmaceuticals, appliances and personal protective equipment for the Mirninsky District of Yakutia. I understand the time now is far from being the best for shares sale but maximized promptness in procurements is important in current conditions. It is simpler and faster to purchase medical means in short supply using private money.”

Together with his company’s own donation has amounted to $2.2 million dollars to buy medical supplies and equipment as of April 6, 2020.

One in five diamonds mined in the world come from Russia creating livelihoods for thousands. To help protect this community and its healthcare workers against the COVID-19 outbreak, ALROSA’s donations provide local hospitals in the region with antibiotics, medicine, and necessary materials needed during the global pandemic. They are providing mobile COVID-19 testing labs to run tests rapidly and allow patients to receive their diagnoses quickly, while the purchase of ventilators and other needed equipment for hospitals is underway.

ALROSA has adjusted the work culture for their employees according to safety measures set in place by the government. Those who are able are working from home, and ALROSA has provided over 300,000 masks and protective equipment for those who are still having to go into work.

After this article, how has your opinion on the diamond industry changed?