ALROSA Celebrates The Day of Knowledge

With Back to School Season just wrapping up, Russian miner ALROSA gave back to students in a major way. The company committed to donating $4 Million in 2017 to support education and schools particularly in the town of Mirny, where one of their mines is located.

The news comes during a national celebration of education known as the ‘Day of Knowledge.’ Every year on the First of September, students come to school adorned in costumes, flowers and balloons to usher in and celebrate a new school year. Sometimes accompanied with their parents, together students and teachers get together for a special celebration.


The day includes songs, poetry, sports, plays, and encouraging speeches. A very special part of the celebration is the ringing of the ‘First Bell.’

Traditionally, a first-grader is paired with a high-schooler, and together they walk around the school ringing a hand bell. This signals the official start of the school year, and the first lesson of class. The first lesson of the school year is a time where students talk with one another about their experiences and their future goals. It shows that education opens up opportunities to discover new gifts and talents, meet new people, and learn more about yourself and the world.

ALROSA showed support of the festive day and their donation by saying, “We will be happy, if one of today’s first-graders, when becoming an adult, chooses the honorable profession of a diamond miner.”

In addition to supporting education in Mirny, the mining company plans to support education across all of Russia. This includes secondary institutions and higher education. ALROSA has been a long supporter of local communities and generously contributes to the development of not only education, but healthcare, culture and sports. They help organize and sponsor charity events for students of local districts.

ALROSA makes community responsibility one of their company pillars. Each year the company dedicates a part of its’ revenue for social and economic development of the region.

With a giving spirit, ALROSA continuously reminds us that Diamonds Do Good and just how much education and knowledge should be celebrated.

After this article, how has your opinion on the diamond industry changed?