How ALROSA Puts Action Behind Their Diamonds That Care Initiative in the United States

The 27.02-carat pear-shaped fancy brown-yellow diamond at the center of Anna Hu’s necklace.

Leading diamond miner ALROSA has always kept community well-being a core company value and a guiding principle to how they do business.  The unpredictable turn of 2020 highlights this commitment in the most important way possible.

When the first diamonds were discovered in the depths of the Siberian taiga, it became clear that these stones will help people who live in the region. Thanks to ALROSA, entire cities, schools, and hospitals were built out of nothing and continue to be built today.

This responsible approach, named Diamonds That Care, has not stopped this year, but rather is gaining momentum.

Anna Hu’s heart-shaped designs perfectly represent their gift to the Brave of Heart fund

After master cutters unveiled the polished beauty of rough diamonds, acclaimed Taiwan-born designer Anna Hu created an exquisite heart-themed collection, including a statement necklace featuring a 27.02-carat earth-toned diamond surrounded by the intricate weavings of fancy colored and colorless diamonds.

The special collection was created for charitable purposes, which is why the main theme of every piece is the heart–symbolizing how people open their hearts in difficult times. As the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe, Diamonds That Care felt it important to help those who are the least protected — the families of medical professionals who gave their lives helping fight the coronavirus. This idea was warmly supported by both Anna Hu and the Christie’s Auction House, which held the auction.


The set was auctioned through Christie’s in July. As a result, $270,000 – the entire proceeds from the sale of the collection — were donated to the Brave of Heart Fund.  The fund, created in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic, provides financial support and relief for the families of healthcare workers who lost their lives to Covid-19. 

All the diamonds in this collection have earth hues, and this is not accidental. These diamonds stand out, expressing the mission of Diamonds That Care as well. The tones are the colors of earth and wood to remind us of the stability of nature and the resources it provides to people.

Diamonds That Care: Dedicated to Give Back

ALROSA has committed to working with Ecologists in Yakutia to preserve the reindeer population.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Diamonds That Care has also created the “I Care” Jewelry Collection, sold exclusively at the online retailer Brilliant Earth. The collection features jewelry pieces with natural earth-toned diamonds. Each jewelry piece provides more than just natural beauty, it also provides the opportunity to help those who are in need. The initiative currently donates ten percent of every purchase to Feeding America’s Covid-19 Response Fund.

Diamonds That Care allocates more than $150 million each year to give back to the communities in which ALROSA operates.  The initiative, which positively impacts children, families, endangered wildlife, education, and healthcare workers, sets apart the world’s largest diamond mining organization as willing to go above and beyond to help their neighbor.

ALROSA and Diamonds That Care’s impact on the world throughout the pandemic has once again set them apart as a leader in the industry and another example of how ‘Diamonds Do Good’.

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