Mark Klein

Board Member

Director of Operations, Julius Klein Diamonds

Mark Klein is a 3rd generation Diamantaire, following in his families heritage who established Julius Klein Diamonds in 1948.

Mark has firsthand knowledge, experience, and expertise of the entire global diamond trade. From overseeing master diamond cutters and polishers in the company’s diamond cutting facilities, to working first hand with the jewelry manufacturing team, to the ultimate selling and distribution of the world’s finest diamonds, he oversees every “facet” of the business. 

Based out of the Julius Klein Diamonds headquarters in the epicenter of the diamond industry, New York City’s World Diamond Tower (“47th Street”), Mark acts as a mentor and guide to the next generation of aspiring Diamantiares.

Using his BA in marketing and advertising along with his extensive GIA education, he is making his own impact on an always evolving business and is looking forward to using his unique skill sets and point of view to guide the industry toward more customer centric and user friendly practices while honoring and maintaining the integrity of the generations before him. 

In addition to the Diamonds Do Good Board, Mark holds other industry positions with AGS Young Title Holders, NCDIA, and many other philanthropic institutions within his communities.

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