Rebecca M. Foerster

Board Member and Executive Committee Member

Vice President, Strategic Planning and Marketing, Leo Schachter Diamonds

Rebecca Foerster is the Vice President of Strategic Planning and Marketing for Leo Schachter Diamonds. Before this, Rebecca was in charge of Diamond Sales and Marketing and the sole Manager and Representative for the Rio Tinto US Office. Ms. Foerster is the first point of contact for the US diamond and jewelry trade, including retailers and industry bodies.

Ms. Foerster has an extensive background in marketing and branding across an umber of industries. Prior to joining Rio Tinto, Ms. Foerster worked for nine years as Vice Pesident of Marketing for Frederick Goldman, where she launched major brands such as Keepsake and Lyric. She has also worked in the US cosmetic industry with brands such as Elizabeth Arden and Revlon.

Ms. Foerster is the Executive Vice President of the Natural Color Diamond Association and serves on the Board of Directors for Diamond Empowerment Fund, the Women’s Jewelry Association, and the Jewelers Vigilance Committee.

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