Diamonds Do Good is a global non-profit organization that supports programs and initiatives that develop and empower people in natural diamond communities and shares these stories of positive impact.  Since our founding in 2007, Diamonds Do Good has succeeded in fostering education efforts and entrepreneurial training programs in diamond producing countries around the world. 

The Diamonds Do Good Bracelet


Black Diamonds

The bracelet is accented with four black diamonds equally placed around the bracelet – a symbol of unity and equality.

Green Tsavorite

On the pulse point, the green tsavorite stone represents life and rebirth.

Champagne Diamond

On the opposite side of the green tsavorite is a champagne diamond representing the light within us. The more love we give, the more good we do – and that reflects on others around us.

The Diamonds Do Good Bracelet

THE give back

With every purchase of Diamonds Do Good’s Black Onyx and Diamond Bracelet, Diamonds Do Good will donate $70 to the Flaviana Matata Foundation in Tanzania to support education and entrepreneurship training for young girls to become self-sufficient leaders in their community.

*Jared will donate $70 per bracelet purchased 10/27/2022 – 07/17/2023 to Diamond Empowerment Fund, Inc. dba Diamonds Do Good up to a maximum donation of $105,000.

Tanzania born model Flaviana Matata joined South African Model Nicola Breytenbach as the faces behind the the launch of the Diamonds Do Good Bracelet Campaign, alongside the girls of the Flaviana Matata Foundation.

meet the designer


    Even as a child, Gloria Batlle loved fine jewelry.  Growing up in her home country of El Salvador, she cherished the heirloom pieces her family would gift to her as the years passed. 

    “For me, jewelry is all about the connection between the giver and the receiver,” she reflects.  “The mystery and history of a piece always spoke to me.” 

    As the creator and designer of Onirikka Fine Jewelry, the inspiration behind the Diamonds Do Good Bracelet design was to create something simple, yet very powerful.

    Her design is composed of matte onyx beads. On the inside of the bead closest to the pulse point, a green tsavorite in a bezel setting represents life and rebirth. Directly opposite, Gloria placed a champagne diamond as a representation of light.

    “For me, everything is unified. The more love we give, the more good we do, the more light we project,” Gloria said.