Originally posted: April 1, 2020 on The Brunswick News.

Chadwick’s Jewelers, a local jeweler on St. Simon’s Island, is auctioning off jewelry to help local restaurants.  Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, restaurant owners and workers are struggling to make ends meet.  Noting all that the St. Simon’s community has done for her, Shay Heckle, the owner of Chadwick’s Jewelers, wanted to find a way to help them.

Though their showroom is closed, Heckle has been active online.  Through daily Facebook posts, Heckle and Matt Valentine, a jeweler at Chadwick’s, auction off exclusive pieces of jewelry in order to donate the proceeds to local restaurant owners.

“Matt and I discussed what we could do to pay back the community for what they have done for us,” Heckle said. “We’ve been here for 35 years, and we’ve weathered a lot of storms.”

Chadwick’s Jewelers has opened up the auction to anyone through their Facebook page.  Their inventory ranges from unique, vintage pieces to new pieces, custom-made by Valentine.