Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, Dimexon Diamonds announced a series of initiatives launched in India to help protect the country’s most important asset: its people. The company is undertaking these initiatives in conjunction with various local governmental bodies and with its stakeholders in its diamond manufacturing hub in Coimbatore all the while respecting the Indian Government’s guidance to further restrict the spread of the virus.

India is the largest center in the world for manufacturing diamonds with 9 out of every 10 diamonds being cut and polished in the country by expert craftsmen and women. This creates millions of jobs for its citizens. Dimexon is a major manufacturer of these gems and is using its state-of-the-art diamond manufacturing infrastructure at Coimbatore to provide meals to the local community.

Within 24 hours of conceiving this idea, the Dimexon’s industrial kitchen was creating meals for the local community. The team worked with the support of the Department of Health and Revenue and is now distributing 900 freshly cooked meals on a daily basis those in need. Dimexon has pledged their support to provide at least 30,000 people with over 26,000 pounds of daily freshly cooked food, during the time of the lockdown in India. The company will monitor the situation closely with the hope to extend this support until stability resumes in the local community.

“With every crisis and challenge, there is always something we can learn, if we are willing to adapt,” says Director of Dimexon Group, Rajiv Mehta. “As responsible organizations, we can all do our bit to help communities in which we operate. It is a testament to our team that have mobilized this effort in such a short period of time. I’m confident that we will emerge from this challenge stronger and when we look back, we can particularly be proud that we brought others along with us.”

In addition to providing meals to the local community, Dimexon’s in-house engineers at Coimbatore are putting their technical expertise to use by helping to design and manufacture low-cost and effective medical ventilators as well as other support devices which will then be distributed for use to local hospitals and/or health institutions.

Dimexon remains committed to the local communities in which they operate and will continue in its best endeavours to aid wherever and whenever possible to help fight COVID-19.