Manisha K. is pursuing her B.C.A. from the Veerayatan Institute of Business Mangement & Computer Applications. She hails from a small village, and her father is a farmer. Having scored a good 83% in the 12th standard, she started thinking about going ahead and graduating from a college; but her poor financial condition seemed that it would hinder her aspirations. However, Veerayatan recognized her potential and financial need, and gave her a platform to explore her horizons. As a result, she is doing exceptionally well in her studies. Scoring more than 60% in each and every semester, she is now successful and ready to help her family. She has been inspired to prepare herself to never back down in her life and she now sees everyday as a new hope for a better future. Manisha has a new-found positive approach to life and she indeed is the bright hope of her family.