Originally Posted: April 28th, 2019 on The Plumb Club.

During any crisis heroes rise to the occasion. Sometimes publicly and sometimes quietly behind the scenes, some heroes continue helping others while putting themselves in harms way. During this Covid-19 crisis medical personnel have been classified as “essential workers”, and as such are on the front lines of this pandemic daily.

Due to COVID-19, Franco Valobra, 4th generation jeweler originally from Italy, was forced to temporarily close his jewelry boutiques in Switzerland, New Orleans, and Houston. Even with the strain on his business and the need to continue supporting this staff, he wanted to show his gratitude to those battling on the frontlines against the Coronavirus. While social distancing with his family in at his home in New Orleans, he began his project of gifting medical personnel around the world with the custom-made Valobra Defeating the Virus pin.

The sterling-silver pin, dipped in 18K gold, features the familiar caduceus with its intertwined snakes and wings topped with a deep-red garnet, which historically represents the symbol for healing and crisis resolution.

A minimum of 1000 pins will be sent to deserving heroes, with dozens more going out everyday. 

“As it is hard to stay idle in this perilous time, we, at Valobra Master Jewelers, decided to create a symbol of the fight against the Coronavirus”, said Franco Valobra. “We must show all of the brave men and women in our nation, and indeed, around the world, who are risking their lives while fighting the virus in the hospitals curing us and in the labs searching for a cure, that we are grateful, beyond words. This pin represents their sacrifice, hard work and commitment, never to be forgotten.”