Madison Harvey

Marketing, Programs and Events Associate

Madison Harvey is a creator and storyteller with a passion for natural diamonds.  With a background in Journalism from Auburn University, Madison loves to share the positive impact that natural diamonds have all over the world.  Since joining the Diamonds Do Good team in 2020, Madison has shared stories of miners, manufacturers, and retailers who are making a positive impact on the industry.

Madison is recently engaged and understands the marketing and advertising campaigns that appeal to both Millennials and Gen-Z through social media, video content, and yes—even Tik Tok.  Madison uses her personal social media platforms to educate her peers on buying natural diamond engagement rings, introduce them to new brands and designers making a difference, and further share the stories of Diamonds Do Good.

Raised in Birmingham, Alabama, and residing in Brooklyn for the last few years, Madison resides in Minot, North Dakota, while her husband serves in the United States Air Force.