Nirali S.


Nirali S. is pursuing her Diploma in Civil Engineering at the Arham Veerayatan Institute of Engineering, Technology & Reserach. Nirali’s parents are workers on road construction sites, and have a very small total household income, no more than 32,000 Indian Rupee per year; but these hardships haven’t hindered her academic excellence. Nirali scored nearly 90% in the 10th grade, getting Veerayatan to recognize her potential and enroll her in the Diploma Engineering Program.

When she arrived at Veerayatan, Nirali was amazed by the atmosphere there. While she had never even bought a pen for herself all her life, she now had all kinds of books, computers and equipment readily made available to her to go ahead and explore, experiment and learn as much as possible. In the spirit of coming full circle, Nirali is working hard in order to use her diploma to enter the construction industry.

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