Nonhlanhla (Noni) Shonki Khumalo

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Home country: Johannesburg, South Africa
Activities: Theatre, arts

As a talented actor and director, Noni is passionate about her vision that the arts not only have the power and potential to change Africa, but the world too.

Nonhlanhla’s Dream:

I am curious – taking risks for the necessity of the community is what I do.

I am creative – I come up with innovative solutions to tackle problems that negatively impact my community.

I am tenacious – I tackle challenges with enthusiasm. Without it, one is deemed ineffective.

African Leadership Academy defines a leader as an “agent of positive change”. I believe the characteristics above make me an agent of positive change, a leader. At African Leadership Academy we are taught to identify the root causes of problems in order to create appropriate solutions. We are encouraged to take a moment to walk in the shoes of those that we aim to uplift.

I dream of one day making a huge impact by combining my passion for business and the arts. I want the world to see the talent and beauty that Africans can produce. I plan to set up an NGO that will promote social mobility through business by encouraging an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving in local communities. I have witnessed the therapeutic power of the arts and intend to set up a project that will use the stage as a shield for the oppressed to tell their own stories on stage.

My name is Nonhlanhla Shonki Khumalo. I was born a leader!

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