Parma V.

VeerayatanParma2 copy

Parma was married when she was 13 years old. She belongs to a community where no girls have ever been educated. They are all treated like any other objects in the house.

Veerayatan reached out to this community in a remote village, spoke to its people, and deliberated on their reservations. They were encouraged to educate their girls; however, the cost of education was an issue. Veerayatan promised to provide all education costs to alleviate the monetary burden on the students’ families.

Having studied in Veerayatan for the past 12 years, Parma says, “Had I not come to Veerayatan, I would have only been grazing buffaloes and rearing sheep for the rest of my life; or, I would have been a laborer in a field.  I am indebted to Veerayatan for what is has done for me, and the only way I can repay back is by educating thousands of girls like me in the future”.

Today, Parma has also gathered the courage to speak up against child marriage and encourages young girls to break the wedlock tradition. She is now looking forward to a bright future.


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