Reshoketswe Mapokgole

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Home country: Polokwane South Africa
Activities: Community service

Shoki, as she’s fondly known, wants to take her interest in history further by examining population studies and settlement migration patterns in South Africa.

Reshoketswe’s Dream:
At African Leadership Academy we define a leader as an agent of positive change. I agree with this definition. A leader does not wait for others to come and make the change. This is how I see myself – as someone who goes out and makes change happen. I am currently involved in an after school community project at a local school called KWIT: Kids With Insane Talent. Alongside four of my team mates, we tutor primary school students. We chose to tutor the kids because we realized they required extra attention to improve their academic grades.

Looking into the future, I want to get involved in the education policy of my country South Africa. I dream of a South Africa where all people – rich or poor, black or white, rural or urban – have access to high quality education.

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