Shruti D.


Shruti D. is a student of Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.) in her final year at the Veerayatan Institute of Pharmacy. She has been an academic achiever from the very beginning, scoring an 83.20% in her 12th grade examinations. Shruti wants to be a scientist and also wants to get into scientific research in the future.

Growing up the daughter of an accountant working for a small firm meant very low income and a huge responsibility for Shruti and her entire family. Financial hardships often translate into an inability to get into a good college and study further; but Veerayatan has waived Shruti’s fees, thus welcoming her to utilize her potential for her growth. Scoring an impressive 80.3% in her last semester, Shruti is now looking forward to working for a multinational scientific corporation or firm, and making her parents proud.

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