Originally Posted: April 28th, 2020 on The Plumb Club.

During this time, many people are giving thought to how they can help. Some, who have been generously helping others as part of their regular altruistic activities, are finding ways to expand what they are doing to include the many who now need it most

Mike & Matt Wilson’s sister, Amy Wilson Soravilla, is an operating nurse.

Wilson & Son Jewelers, a family-owned jeweler in Westchester New York, has added to their already commendable efforts with the charity ‘Feeding Westchester,’  for including those on the front line of the crisis.

The Wilson brothers, Mike and Matt, have a sister who has been an operating room nurse for 30 years, Amy Wilson Soravilla. They knew, from Amy’s accounts, the hard work of health care professionals. Then, a year prior to their father’s passing in February, they witnessed first-hand just how dedicated the nursing staff was while he was in the hospital. To thank them, they started bringing donuts for the staff during their visits – a big hit.

With significant increases in the number of COVID-19 cases in Westchester, Amy became a nurse on the front lines of the battle and shared her concerned stories with her brothers. Mike, as a board member of Feeding Westchester, knew how they could help

Wilson & Son helped feed the National Guard in Westchester.

On March 17th, the Wilson & Son Jewelers family fed the staff at St. Johns Riverdale hospital in Dobbs Ferry and in Yonkers.  On March 19th, the company fed the dedicated and tireless National Guard at Feeding Westchester. On March 20th, they spread that love to White Plains Hospital and the team at Northern Westchester Hospital. Their great generosity has consistently continued through April with the National Guard. Most recently they teamed up with Pizza & Brew to bring food to these tireless groups of heroes who are working to help others and battle the virus.

They say that nourishment of the body is food, while nourishment for the soul is feeding others. Wilson & Son Jewelers has managed to check off both.