A Conversation with Christina Gandia Gambale,

Co-Owner of Greenwich St. Jewelers & Diamonds Do Good Board Member

As Co-Owner of Greenwich St. Jewelers, Christina Gandia Gambale is familiar with the questions that consumers are asking their local jewelers.  Since joining the Diamonds Do Good Board of Directors in January 2021, Christina has helped with Diamonds Do Good’s strategic messaging, marketing, and materials for retailers & consumers alike.

Q: How long have you been involved in the natural diamond and jewelry industry?

A: As the daughter of a jeweler the answer is since birth! All joking aside, I started my career in jewelry not long after graduating college in the wholesale end of the business working at luxury jewelry companies including Temple St. Clair. I fell in love with diamonds and gemstones and went to GIA to obtain my Graduate Gemologist degree. I joined the family business in 2007 and have been building Greenwich St. Jewelers with my sister Jennifer since then.

Q: What’s your favorite trend in jewelry that you’re seeing at the moment?

A: While I don’t know that I’d call this a trend, I really love the individualistic direction that engagement rings have taken in the past few years. It’s really gratifying to work with clients and be able to meet them where they are at with natural diamonds of all kinds. I never get tired of helping them pick the stone that’s right for them, from classic to geometric shapes, historical cuts and antique diamonds, “rustic” stones and especially colored diamonds. It makes my job more fun and their ring the most meaningful jewel they own. Best part of my job!

Q: What’s the most common question or concern that you and your sales associates are being asked about natural diamonds and how do you respond?

Consumers still ask questions about the ethical sourcing of diamonds. They want to know more than ever that their purchase is conflict free and ethically sourced.  We take care to explain the efforts we take to source all of our diamonds and gems responsibly. At G.St we make a commitment to sourcing from companies who also share similar beliefs and values in supporting the communities where diamonds come from.

Q: How have you seen the Diamonds Do Good message enhance the value of natural diamonds?

A: We believe that being able to communicate the positive impact of the diamond industry on the communities and economies of mining regions benefits everyone from miner to wearer. The standard has rightfully moved beyond simply “conflict-free” to the responsibility of the industry on the benefits of diamond mining and production for the countries and communities where diamonds are mined. Diamonds Do Good helps retailers tell this story. 

Q: What is Greenwich St. Jewelers social purpose and how do you communicate this to your customers?

A: We are committed to responsible sourcing and manufacturing, and to us that means that we are taking into consideration everything from environmental stressors to human rights and making choices accordingly. As a BIPOC-owned company we are also constantly working to increase representation and equity for underrepresented groups in the industry as a whole. 

Q: What’s next for Greenwich St. Jewelers? 

A: 2022 is going to be a big year for G.St! We’re opening a new store in Tribeca, NYC in the Spring. We’ve also just become a Fairmined Gold partner and are working on new collections to introduce later this year.