The 5th C: Community

Global impact from a community level.

The physical aspects of a natural diamond capture a small piece of the immense joy they bring into this world. The fifth C, Community, is the real story behind diamonds and their value. Along their journey from mine to finger, natural diamonds enrich the lives of those they touch. With commitment from the industry’s responsible and sustainable partners, diamonds help to bring economic growth, education, healthcare, infrastructure development, clean water, wildlife protection, and more to towns and cities across the globe. Commitment to community creates sustainable social and economic opportunities for everyone who comes in contact with diamonds along their journey to being cherished by you.

Mining Communities

Diamond mining provides immense opportunities for people all over the world. The industry develops local communities by providing jobs, education, and healthcare to over ten million people worldwide.

ALROSA: Protecting the Magestic Reindeer of Siberia

Standing tall in the city of Mirny, Russia’s diamond capital in Siberia, a statue celebrates the legacy of the city: geologists, a reindeer herder, and the majestic reindeer.

De Beers: Protecting Ecosystems in Africa through the Longest Translocation of Elephants in History

Nestled along De Beers’ Diamond Route in South Africa, Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve’s 80,000 acres of fertile land and safe conditions …

De Beers: Supporting Gender Equality through Programming and Mentorships

Sunny-Girl, an ambitious woman living in Namibia, has worked for years to penetrate the male-dominated business of car and tire repairs.

Manufacturing Communities

Surat, India is one of the major diamond manufacturing centers in the world. Nine out of 10 diamonds are cut and polished in India employing over 1 million people. These diamond polishing companies donate at least 10% of their revenues back to their community.

H.K. Designs: Enabling Women to Join the Work Force Throughout India

When India-based diamond and jewelry manufacturer H.K.Designs read the research that showed only 20% of women in India were employed in …

Nungu Diamonds: A Black-Owned Business and a Testament to Nelson Mandela’s Work in South Africa

In Johannesburg, South Africa, a country once divided by racial segregation, Nelson Mandela used his life to fight for education and equal opportunities for all. 

Dharmanandan Diamonds: Giving Surat Citizens a New Chance at Life

Surat, India, is a city known for its impact on the natural diamond industry through the artisans who cut and polish these rare and unique gems.

Local Retailer Communities

Jewelers are community champions on the local and global level. 

Colorado-based Shane Co. Gives Back to Underserved Communities

Shane Co. has partnered up with the Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) to give back to children and schools in underserved communities across the United States.

Floyd and Green: How Establishing a Night of Giving Back Brings Their Community Together for Good

Since Floyd and Green opened their doors in 1992, they have been known as more than a jewelry store, but truly a neighbor and friend who can be trusted.

Hamilton Jewelers: A Fourth Generation Jeweler Whose “Bejeweled Journey” Has Made Relationships A Key Core Value

The Siegel Family has been familiar with the Princeton, New Jersey community since the doors to Hamilton Jewelers opened in 1912.

Diamonds Do Good Communities

Diamonds Do Good celebrates the positive impact that diamonds have on communities around the world.  Supported by companies in the natural diamond industry, Diamonds Do Good gives back to programs in diamond-producing countries that have proven success in providing youth with high-quality education, including leadership development and entrepreneurial skills building.

Flaviana Matata: Making It Possible For Girls To Attend School Across Africa

The Flaviana Matata Foundation, a beneficiary of Diamonds Do Good, has long worked to help Tanzanian girls from underserved communities achieve their education goals.

Mine Training Society: Creating Diverse Opportunities for Students in the Northwest Territories of Canada

The Mine Training Society (MTS) is a unique partnership between Canada’s Aboriginal governments, public government, and the diamond industry.

Khotso Selialia Helps Build a Stronger African Continent Through VR and the Legacy of Nelson Mandela

Khotso Selialia grew up in Lesotho, a land-locked country in Africa.  Lesotho experienced decades of tumultuous politics and nationwide poverty …

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