Colonial Jewelers is a fourth-generation, family jeweler that has made an impact on historic downtown Frederick, Maryland since their opening in 1948.  Throughout the years, Colonial Jewelers strived to make an impact on their community through charitable giving.  But when Patty Hurwitz, co-owner, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999, she discovered a new need in her community — to increase awareness, prevention and early detection of breast cancer closer to home.  For her own part, Patty and Colonial Jewelers established the Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund.  

The Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund has raised over $2 million with community support over the last 20 years through their annual Pink Ribbon 5K run/walk and their Pink Ribbon Gala. In 2019, a milestone was hit when the Pink Ribbon 5K and Gala raised over $200,000 combined, through the generosity of sponsors, participants, and others in the Frederick community. These events bring community members to their store to raise money for the Fund every year which has established Colonial Jewelers as a jeweler with a true commitment to give back.

In 2019, the Pink Ribbon 5K raised over $112,000.

As the key to Patty’s successful fight with breast cancer was her early diagnosis, the Fund is dedicated to help provide innovative options in early detection and treatment at Frederick Health Hospital.  The Fund has funded the Medical and Oncology Suite at the James M Stockman Cancer Center, and helped create a healing space for patients and families at the Center for Breast Care.    It has also purchased a special breast coil to aid MRI imaging of the breast,  specialized 3D & CAD Mammography Systems and biopsy machines for the surgical suite, which have assisted in the detection of breast cancer at an earlier stage, allowing for more successful outcomes. The Fund has gone above and beyond to help those in their community affected by breast cancer.  For their efforts, Jeff and Patty Hurwitz were honored by Frederick Health Hospital as Good Samaritans of the Year in 2015.
Colonial Jewelers has seen the Fund grow way beyond their expectations. Though their intentions were always to help those affected by breast cancer, their dedication to give back has made their store a recognizable name in the Frederick community.