Giving back to the community is part of Day’s Jewelers DNA. Through the actions of its management and employees, Day’s wants to make the world healthier, smarter, safer and more accepting.

The Waterville, Maine based company runs the “Diamonds for Peace” program in each of its seven New England stores. The company contributes $10 for every diamond sold to their Diamonds for Peace Fund. Each individual store’s employees have the opportunity to choose which local organizations to support. “Our community supports us, and we want to support them,” explains Day’s marketing director, Hannah Duguie.

Day’s also runs company-wide initiatives. Each year, a team of employees from Maine and New Hampshire spend a day volunteering at Camp Sunshine, a retreat in Casco, Maine, for kids with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

The company is also a major supporter of the “Take Act!on Maine” television campaign. This initiative funds a statewide television campaign promoting the help hotline for those experiencing, witnessing or suspecting domestic abuse.

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Day’s Jewelers also backs global initiatives, including the Diamond Empowerment Fund. Kathy Corey, Day’s owner, Vice President of Merchandising and Vice President of Human Resources, is so passionate about the work of the D.E.F., she sits on its governing board of directors.   

“It is my belief that giving back to diamond-producing countries and those less fortunate, is our responsibility and our greatest opportunity to empower one person at a time to achieve a life of economic sustainability and personal growth,” explains Corey.


“The Diamond Empowerment Fund’s work and contributions to this mission is truly inspirational.”

Closer to home, the company believes that helping the community also helps foster pride and unity among its employees.

“Positivity and camaraderie are essential to a successful business and being involved with the Diamond Empowerment Fund and the Diamonds Do Good initiative is one of the best ways to promote this,” says Duguie.

And Day’s customers and followers also appreciate the company’s good work.

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“We have found that our Diamonds Do Good posts on Facebook are some of our most popular posts. The world is conditioned to be bombarded with advertisements from retailers. It’s a breath of fresh air for people to have inspirational content fed to them. It is a great way to show you care.” Says Day’s Jewelers’ Marketing Director, Hanah Duguie.

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