Surat, India, is a city known for its impact on the natural diamond industry through the artisans who cut and polish these rare and unique gems. Dharmanandan Diamonds is dedicated to the thousands of these skilled workers they employ providing livelihoods for their families.  Dharmanandan Diamonds is also dedicated to giving back to those who need it most.

This year, Dharmanandan Diamonds, along with Hari Krishna Exports, has committed part of their business efforts to stem cell research.  Both companies, located in Surat, have encouraged their employees to donate stem cells to help others.

Recipients of the stem cells had the chance to meet their matching donors.

Over 9,000 artisans and staff have since donated stems cells helping critically ill patients receive necessary treatments for a second chance at life.

“The happiest moment is when a stem cell donated by our employee matches with that of a needy patient,” Hitesh Patel, Managing Director of Dharmanandan Diamonds said.  Patel also shared that employees who donate stem cells are rewarded by their company with a celebration and certificates.

While customers are crucial to their business, Dharmanandan Diamonds has taken on the role of insuring the welfare of their team members.

An educational business seminar for the employees of Dharmanandan Diamonds

Through initiatives like Cure to Care, Dharmanandan Diamonds ensures that the employees who work daily with their precious diamonds are taken care of as well.  Dharmanandan provides educational seminars and workshops for their employees to become highly skilled and educated on their craft.

Dharmanandan Diamond’s commitment to their community and employees is another exceptional way that natural diamonds do good.