Originally posted: April 13, 2020 on JCKOnline and Gem Legacy.

Gem Legacy, the nonprofit organization whose mission is to help gem miners and their families in East Africa, is continuing to live out their mission despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Rachel Drery, Director of Communications

Roger Drery, the founder of Gem Legacy, and his family are organizing relief efforts on the ground in Arusha, Tanzania.

“COVID-19 is having urgent and drastic effects on mining regions,” Director of Communication, Rachel Dery, said. “Since so many of the community’s livelihood is from selling the gems they mine, this has virtually stopped for at least six weeks to three months.”

In response, the Drery family and Gem Legacy is working to feed as many mining families as they can, as well as, providing a water tank, soap, and protection and prevention gear.

The organization is asking people inside and outside the industry to contribute in order to supply basic needs. Any donation can help: $25 feeds one child lunch every day for one month, and $250 feeds one mine and its families—along with sanitation supplies—for one month.