In the heart of Southern Africa in the coastal country of Namibia, a story of diamonds and hope unfolds. Grandview Klein Diamonds, a leading diamond manufacturer in the country and the world, has become a beacon of change.

Understanding the importance of providing opportunities for the communities where they do business, Grandview Klein Diamonds recently granted full scholarships to two women, Esther and Rian in Namibia to complete their education. Namibia is the home to the richest source of alluvial diamonds in the world contributing 30% of the world’s natural diamonds output. Mining is Namibia’s leading economic sector contributing 10% of its GDP every year with natural diamonds being the leading sub-segment.

Both Ester, an Electronics & Telecommunications major hailing from the Ohangwena region, and Rian, an Environmental Health Sciences major from the Oshana region, received the life-changing news during a formal ceremony at the Namibia University of Science & Technology (NUST).

For Ester, an Electronics & Telecommunications major, this scholarship was not just financial assistance; it was a bridge connecting her passion for technology to a future of possibilities. The scholarship represents the hurdles she has overcome, the late nights spent studying, and the sacrifices made by her family to ensure she pursues her dreams. Now, with the backing of Grandview Klein Diamonds, and the weight of financial constraints lifted from her shoulders, Ester can focus solely on her studies and on honing her skills to make a lasting impact in the field she loves.

For the Director of Grandview Klein Namibia, Ester Hakwenye (no relation), the scholarships are more than just a gesture of financial support; they are symbols of Grandview Klein’s commitment to breaking down barriers and forging pathways to success. Grandview Klein Diamonds not only believes in the potential of these students but also recognizes the importance of empowering women in southern Africa.

“Education is the cornerstone of development,” Moshe Klein, President of Grandview Klein Diamonds, says.

Grandview Klein Diamonds has a strong commitment to the UN Sustainability Goals. Gender equality (SDG 5) and quality education (SDG 4) aren’t just abstract concepts; they are guiding principles embedded in the company’s values.

With each step Ester and Rian take towards their degrees, they’re part of a legacy, a legacy of empowerment, community, and transformation, championed by the natural diamond industry.