Originally posted: March 17, 2020 on Forbes.

Over 80 independent jewelry designers have joined an online campaign to help feed children while schools are closed to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The campaign, #Linked, was started by Jen Lowitz of IHPR and Danielle Gadi of Danielle Gadi PR to familiarize jewelry designers with the No Kid Hungry Charity, a nonprofit organization involved in solving hunger and poverty around the world.

Since schools have closed down amidst the pandemic, millions of children are going without the meals they would have received daily at school. #Linked has helped fund a range of initiatives to feed these children.

Zoe Chicco’s diamond heart necklace

“I want to do what I can to support families who have limited options or paychecks while our country is doing what I believe is the responsible thing and shutting down many of our public resources—to help ensure that children in need have food to eat while they are at home. It’s one small thing we can do, after all, jewelry is a luxury, but food shouldn’t be,” Zoe Chicco, an independent jewelry designer working with the campaign, said.

As more designers work to sell and create jewelry, Lowitz and Gadi worked to leave the percentage of sales to be donated up to the individual designer. Through their online sales, 15-30% of the jewelry purchased will be donated until school reopen.

Brent Neale gypsy rings with different gemstones.

         Deborah Pagani Pill Link Necklace

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