Botswana is the largest producer in the world of gem quality natural diamonds. Since its independence from Britain over 50 years ago, the country has used their natural resource for the betterment of its people. Okavango Diamond Company (ODC), led today by the grandson of the country’s first democratically elected President, has always had the best interest of the people of Botswana at heart.

A portion of the supplies that were distributed among the people of Botswana.

ODC is a rough diamond marketing company owned by the government of Botswana. With their interest being the people of Botswana, their presence in the country has effectively changed the Economy of Botswana through providing jobs and tapping into the country’s natural diamond resources.

ODC continues to play its corporate citizenship role in helping protect the wellbeing of not only its employees, but also its fellow citizen during the coronavirus pandemic.  ODC has purchased and handed out food supplies to help over 650 families  in remote communities.

“The natural consequences of the unprecedented circumstances are that many families will be adversely affected including some struggling with food security,” Marcus ter Haar, Managing Director of the Okavango Diamond Company, said. “At ODC we believe, like many others who have made generous contributions, that we have a role to play in supporting our communities.” 

As of May 7th, the country of Botswana has had 23 confirmed cases of COVID-19, but the Botswana government, seeing the implications of the virus in other parts of the world, acted quickly to prevent the spread.  The country eased lockdown restrictions on May 5th, but still requires citizens to wear a face mask in public and to stay at home if they can.