Since its’ birth in 1967 during the heat of the women’s rights movement, Pomellato, the Italian luxury fine jeweler, has revolutionized women. 

“The 1960’s were a crucial time for women in Europe and the United States,” Nathalie Diamantis, President and CEO of Pomellato Americas, said. “Women were being liberated from their lifestyles and cultures in the 1960’s and this is truly what makes up Pomellato’s DNA and the inspiration for our jewelry.”

In 2017, Pomellato created the Pomellato for Women Campaign which represents a woman’s independence, decision-making, and the empowerment that comes from women buying their own diamonds.

“This initiative has reinforced the strength in women and created a sisterhood that has been annualized for the last three years,” Diamantis said.  The campaign has gathered activists, writers, authors, celebrities, actors, and other women among many professions to collaborate and celebrate their achievements, share stories and experiences, and bond over their love of jewelry and diamonds.

This year, the campaign expanded to protect and care for women who were experiencing hardship. During the lockdown, reports showed an increase of domestic violence cases among women in Italy. The Pomellato for Women initiative created a campaign and crowdfund called #YouAreNotAlone.  This campaign supported women who were in need of shelter by donating over 100,000 Euros to D.i.Re, the first Italian association of anti-violence centers managed by women. 


“This is just one example of the wonderful works that Pomellato does in the spirit of sustainability, as well as, diversity and humanity,” said Diamantis. 

Pomellato’s empowerment of women is not only in their DNA, but is also represented through how they run their company.  Around the world, Pomellato hires women—with 74% of their employees being women and 50% of their management. 

“When we believe in ourselves, we can do anything,” Pomellato’s Global CEO Sabini Belli said.

Despite the lockdown that put much of the world at home, Pomellato has continued to release their collections that feature natural diamonds.  The Sabbia and Fantina Collection were released first, followed by the Iconica Diamond Collection. These collections, which features unique multi-colored gems and sleek 18k gold and rose-gold craftmanship, highlight the beautiful accents of natural diamonds.

Pomellato is another wonderful example of how Diamonds Do Good throughout the industry.