Originally posted: April 16, 2020 on Support Your Local Jeweler.

As communities adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, nonprofit organizations are being called on more than ever before to meet the needs of their communities. 

Ross-Simons, a jeweler based out of Rhode Island, donated $25,000 each to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank and Meals on Wheels.

“The coronavirus outbreak has taken a tremendous toll on the impoverished and elderly, especially, increasing the burden of finding enough food,” Ross-Simons said in a press release. “The rapid increase in needs has drained food supplies for the neediest parts of our community, and at the same time strained the resources of the charitable organizations that aim to assist.”

Since Senior Citizens and the immune-compromised are forced to stay home, Meals on Wheels has seen an increase in demand of over 300,000 pounds of food in March alone—an increase of 1,200 daily meals to 4,000 meals delivered every day.